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Exploration through Scientific Expeditions

What is a Scientific Expedition? In general, scientific expeditions are carried out both on land, in the rivers, the seas and oceans to better understand the working of our earth’s eco-systems and the biodiversity present therein. If one is desirous of conserving the biodiversity of one’s location, before one can proceed to initiate a conservation or protection strategy, it is essential to document all the flora and fauna present and to make an inventory of all that is present within the particular eco-system.

To put it simply, we cannot conserve or protect that which we do not know exists or if they are abundant, rare or endangered; Hence, a scientific expedition is one way to document all the flora and fauna present. The expedition which is generally scientific in nature, scientists very versatile in the various fields of sciences and can readily recognise the species present in the forest and to document them. Generally there are hundreds of fields of specialization and in an expedition it will be essential to bring at least all the necessary experts to capture the array of bio-resources thus making sure the expedition is successfully conducted.

How can a Scientific Expedition be Beneficial to a Community? Awareness of the environment surrounding a community and understanding what is present in the eco-system around the community is important to protect it for themselves and the environment at large. Such awareness should not only be among the adults but should be imparted to the young ones too. Early education of the young minds on the importance of the environment will go a long way to create citizens who are responsible and caring of their environment for themselves and their future generations.

Role and Purpose of PBF and YE in organising the Expeditions for young adults into Belum-Temengor. Pulau Banding Foundation (PBF) and Yayasan EMKAY (YE) work together as a team to ensure that the community (old and young alike) are knowledgeable about their eco-system. In 2015, both PBF and YE had organised scientific expeditions for the old and young respectively.

The objective of the scientific expedition organised by YE & PBF for the young adults is to enable them to understand and appreciate the importance and friendliness of science and nature through a hands approach and to be one with nature.

The 4th Royal Belum Scientific Expedition was held from the 7th - 17th of September 2015. Organised by PBF, the expedition consisted of research teams from renowned Malaysian universities and research institutes. The expedition was to document new inventories of flora and fauna in and around the Sg. Kejar and Sg. Tiang Basin located in the Royal Belum Rainforest.

Young adults have to be brought into the real life situation where they can learn hands-on and appreciate nature. They not only learn the intricate working of nature but at the same time while in the forest learn about teamwork, leadership, looking out for each other and living with each other. These qualities all add up to make an individual a better and disciplined person. Now that the Government is emphasizing teaching science and creating avenues for more students to take up science as a major subject, the KITE (Kids for Temengor Expedition) programme that was initiated by YE & PBF aims to expose young adults to approach the various forest topics in a scientific way to create interest in these young adults to love science and to take more interest to specialize in the field of science.

The KITE expedition was held from the 22nd to 26th November 2015 at Tanjung Satu and Belum Adventure Camp, Pulau Banding. This expedition for the young was participated by 20 primary and secondary schools around Malaysia. The participants were exposed to conducting experiments, collecting data and analysing the data from various experiments that were assigned to them.  Among the experiments that were conducted were on the Rafflesia, bats, butterfly, and various fauna found in the Belum Rainforest.

Royal Belum Scientific Expedition and KITE are both important scientific expeditions to gain insides to the treasures that Mother Nature holds. PBF and YE aims to continue to support and organise more of such programmes in the future. 

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