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Yayasan EMKAY is known for its educational programmes especially in providing opportunities for early childhood education (through the development of the 'i-play' Toy Libraries) and also is an ardent promoter for educational opportunities for the aborigines or orang asli children in the Belum-Temenggor Rainforest Complex, Gerik, Perak Darul Ridzuan. Read more...

Yayasan EMKAY recognizes the importance of education in helping communities, particularly those living in rural areas and/or those who have no access or opportunity for education, especially in their early childhood stage. Yayasan EMKAY believes that the most effective approach in helping to improve the living standards of the marginalized community is via education and that the best way to introduce this, specifically in an early education context is through the introduction of 'play' or 'fun' elements in learning.

In order to create interest in learning, and to prepare children for formal school, Yayasan EMKAY has introduced the Toy Library concept, a centre which was developed based on a child's natural instinct to play. These centres, in turn, creates a fun learning environment for the children, and today, these centres is known as the 'i-play' Toy Library.

A total of 32 'i-play' Toy Libraries (including 4 in the Belum-Temengor area) has been established since 2006 by Yayasan EMKAY. The distribution of such centres is as follows;

No State

Total Centre

1 Perak 9
2 Selangor 6
3 Perlis 4
4 Pulau Pinang 2
5 Kuala Lumpur 2
6 Johor 1
7 Terengganu 2
8 Negeri Sembilan 1
9 Kedah 1
10 Kelantan 1
11 Pahang 2
12 Sarawak 1


To further provide educational opportunities, especially at the higher level, Yayasan EMKAY has also awarded scholarship and study grants. Yayasan EMKAY, through an MoU signed with Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) has also committed to sponsor postgraduate and doctorate level students effective March 2019. The students will be doing research related to conservation and rehabilitation at both the Orang Utan Island, Bukit Merah and the Pualu Banding Research Centre, both facilities owned by the Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation and Pulau Banding Foundation, respectively.

With the support from the Ministry of Education, Green Ranger Malaysia was formed in 2011 as an initiative to respond to social and environmental issues pertinent to not only Malaysia but the world at large. Green Ranger Malaysia strives to develop and implement appropriate experiential learning programmes to help promote the restoration, rehabilitation, conservation and protection of the environment through :-

  • Creative and Fun Learning
  • Engagement in Community Service
  • Educational Focus on Sustainable Development

For more information, please log on to Green Ranger Malaysia website.



Who We Are

YAYASAN EMKAY was established on 12th of January 2001 by its founders, YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk (Dr.) Haji Mustapha Kamal Bin Haji Abu Bakar and his wife, YBhg. Puan Sri Datin Hajjah Wan Nong Binti Haji Wan Ibrahim, as a means for continuing their philanthropic work to help people in need, especially ... Read more


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