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Community Developmet Programmes

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Community Development Programmes

Article 7 of the Pulau Banding Charter spells out that the local community, including the aborigines, or locally known as the orang asli or orang asal, must benefit from the development of Pulau Banding. To this effect, Yayasan EMKAY has carried out numerous development programmes for the aborigines within the area.


With the aim to ensure that the locals are not left behind from the mainstream development, educational programmes have been introduced since 2008. It was initially a challenge to gain their trust and support for the programmes, as the orang asli in general are very shy and do not easily trust outsiders.

Participating Villages

  1. Kampung Desa Damai, Temengor
  2. Kampung Semelor, Temengor
  3. Kampung Sungai Tiang, Belum
  4. Kampung Sungai Kejar, Belum

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'i-play' Toy Library

With the support from the local Headsmen locally known as Tok Batin who wants to see progress in their respective villages, such as the Kampung Semelor and Kampung Sungai tiang leaders, Yayasan EMKAY began the educational programme by developing the 'i-play' Toy Library.

At the toy libraries, the children are provided the opportunities for early childhood education, so as to prepare them for formal school (in areas where there is a school nearby) or as the only learning centre available, for those who live deep in the forest.

The children here are taught using 3 M concept; Reading (Membaca), Writing (Menulis) and Counting (Mengira) with an additional 3 M approach, which is Food (Makan), Play (Main) and Music (Muzik).


More than 20 toy library alumni are currently schooling in Year 1 up to Year 6, while another 20 students are in Form 1, 2 and 3 at Sekolah Kebangsaan RPS Banun. This primary school was upgraded to K9 (Comprehensive 9), to enable the students to stay at the same school for nine years from Year 1 to Form 3.

Yayasan EMKAY also engages and trains the local girls as Apprentices to run the toy library operations. In Kampung Sungai Tiang, two apprentices are now empowered and able to conduct educational activities without much assistance from non-local teachers. Yayasan EMKAY also have provided a scholarship to local girls to pursue their Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Now, one of them is a full-time teacher alternating between the two toy libraries at Kampung Desa Damai and Kampung Semelor.

School dormitory

For the convenience of the students who live far away from the school (Sekolah Kebangsaan RPS Banun, Gerik, Perak Darul Ridzuan), Yayasan EMKAY has also donated a dormitory, complete with furniture and fixing which can house a total of 96 students at any one time.



Skills Training Programme for Orang Asli Ladies

In 2013, Yayasan EMKAY also embarked on a new programme, focusing on skills training for the ladies of the forests. With newly acquired sewing skills, the ladies now are able to generate additional income for their families. Yayasan EMKAY also assisted in terms of marketing and promoting their handicraft products so as to ensure continued order for the products and completion of the works within the stipulated period.




School Adoption Programme

Prior to that, since 1996, Yayasan EMKAY has been involved in the education for the poor by engaging SK Kg Selamat, in the Kerian district of Perak, in the School Adoption Programme. Through the educational programme, children of Kg Selamat have progressed as students in the higher learning institutions, not only in Malaysia, but abroad as well, which was not heard of prior to the programme. In short, they did not see themselves as capable beyond what their parents vocations were, and this programme helped to broaden the understanding that there is a bigger world and more to achieve, if that was what they wanted.

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This same programme has been replicated in another school (SK Alor Pongsu) in Kerian district and two schools (SK Padang Matsirat and SK Ulu Melaka) in Pulau Langkawi since 2016. Over and above the free tuition provided, in Langkawi the students with the poorest academic performance were housed at one of the resorts for more than two months, in order for them to focus on their lessons, guided by teachers and their Mentors.



In 2018, Yayasan EMKAY, for the third consecutive year has organized, the 'Sowing the Seed of Success' Programme – a programme to prepare students for the UPSR exam – simultaneously in Perak, Selangor and Pulau Langkawi, Kedah. In general, this programme is a combination of a variety of specialized modules aimed to provide students with a 'fun learning' experience while preparing for the exam.

On 29th November 2018, on the day the results were announced, the programme recorded an increase of 81.8% in the ‘Pass’ category (an increase to 340 from the previous 187 students in the early stage of the programme). Meanwhile, the number of students who are in the ‘Fail’ category decreased by 54.6% (from 337 to the previous 184). The Alor Pongsu and Kg Jawa 2 schools achieved their target of no failures in all six subjects.



Who We Are

YAYASAN EMKAY was established on 12th of January 2001 by its founders, YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk (Dr.) Haji Mustapha Kamal Bin Haji Abu Bakar and his wife, YBhg. Puan Sri Datin Hajjah Wan Nong Binti Haji Wan Ibrahim, as a means for continuing their philanthropic work to help people in need, especially ... Read more


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